WELLESLEY, Mass., July 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Adoptive cell therapies (ACTs), and recently the infusion of autologous or redirected tumor-specific T-cells, have the potential to drastically impact the treatment of a variety of cancers, especially common epithelial cancers.

The BCC Research report provides an essential briefing on this revolutionary cancer therapy. The report summarizes the current state of clinical research and trials and explains the impact of ACTs on the treatment of several metastasized malignancies, while and raising important concerns about the scalability and compatibility of TILs treatments.

Report Highlights and Implication:

“If and when larger trials corroborate the results that have been achieved to date, then researchers need to turn their attention to the practical issues associated with producing individualized T-cell therapies for each patient at an affordable price,” said Paul Taylor, BCC Research analyst and author of this report. “There are significant logistical and technical challenges to overcome, requiring specialist laboratories and expertise associated with this technique.”

On this topic, Dr. Jonas Nilsson, Director, Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, explains in the report that “New animal models are needed that can better capture the heterogeneity between patients’ tumors, and to study mechanisms of the rise of resistance.” 

“It won’t work for every cancer, but it has been proven to work for several of the least treatable conditions,” said Taylor, “and what we learn from those most extreme cases will be applied in combination therapy to more mainstream patients.”

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