A man weighing more than 50 stone has predicted he will eat himself to death as he continues to spend his days doing ‘not a lot of activity’.

Casey King, 34, is used to getting up around midday and playing video games or watching TV in the nude at home.

He says that his hometown in the US state of Georgia is extremely hot, making wearing clothes restrictive or uncomfortable.

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‘I will just eat until I am dead, probably,’ Casey said when interviewed for a new TLC TV series Family by the Ton.

‘I wake up around 12, figure out something I’m going to eat immediately [then it’s] TV, video games, bed. It’s not a lot of activity.’

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He continued: ‘I just sit there naked as free as can be and no-one bothers me — door’s shut, we’re good.

‘I’m just safe and video games are where I escape.

‘I’m accepted in all those virtual reality worlds and the gaming world that I am in. No-one sees me.

‘That is my outside world, where I can be the Casey I want to be, but not be judged on my weight.

‘I never would have thought at 34 I’d be living with my father, I’d have no job, have no real money and would just be playing video games all day and eating.’

Casey was always a ‘big’ child growing up but his weight first began to explode in his teens, when he worked in restaurants and frequently ate out as a result.

He then found that his size made it too difficult for him to work and decided to quit his job – causing his mother to kick him out the house.

The only place left to go was then his dad’s home, where he then began to eat anything he wanted, including ‘sushi by the barrel’.

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‘Basically, his one thing that did make me happy was food,’ said Casey, who now weighs over 700 pounds.

‘So we just ate like kings. But, like in the worst way. Pizzas, chicken, Japanese food, takeout.’

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