Most of us like to face into a new year with a positive ‘can do‘ attitude.

We promise ourselves that we will earnestly apply our minds to tackling those chores that we should have and could have tackled long before now but didn‘t because it was easier to put them on the back burner and promise ourselves that we would definitely attend to them some time in the future, whenever.

Having been engaged in advising farmers for nearly 40 years, I could write volumes on all the good, if not great, resolutions I have heard farmers outline in graphic detail. Unfortunately, most of these never moved off the New Year‘s list and are still just, resolutions.

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with a third generation client having previously dealt with his father and grandfather.

In the course of our conversation, he expressed his intention to tidy up the farmyard and put down a bit of concrete that would improve matters no end. I clearly recall his grandfather and latterly his father articulating the exact same resolution.

As it happens, I am familiar with the said farmyard and regrettably I have to report that it is still a bit of a quagmire. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal and I‘m optimistic that the current generation will deliver a yard worthy of my best Barker shoes.

Maybe my young client‘s yard improvement will actually happen in 2019 because it has been entered on his New Year‘s resolutions list.

There‘s nothing like declaring your resolutions (if not to your accountant or ag advisor, at least to your family) and writing them down somewhere that they will be regularly seen.