Desperate times call for desperate measures – but some soap characters are about to go too far. Realising that he has killed the wrong tormentor, an unhinged Lachlan White lines up two more victims – before a third then falls into his clutches in Emmerdale.

Over in Coronation Street, devastated granddad Johnny Connor kidnaps baby Susie while Tina Carter decides to fight back against evil Stuart Highway in EastEnders – but it’s not going to be easy.

In other developments this week, Alfie Nightingale has some making up to do in Hollyoaks while there’s a Walford return for troublesome Kandice Taylor and Eileen Grimshaw is on a Corrie mission which pits her against Tracy Barlow. Good luck!


Lachlan tries to kill three people in Emmerdale

After triggering a gas leak at Mill Cottage, Lachlan is satisfied that he has dealt with Liv and Robert. But when he realises Seb could be in danger, he returns and throws Liv to the ground. Rebecca then catches him in the act – and he is forced to take violent action to silence her forever…

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One to watch: Tuesday 17th July at 7pm on ITV. 

Johnny kidnaps Susie in Coronation Street

After a mediation meeting ends in disaster, Johnny takes desperate action and kidnaps baby Susie, leaving Eva beside herself with terror. Meanwhile, Kate and Jenny are frantic to realise that Johnny hasn’t been taking his MS medication and he struggles to feed his granddaughter as he hides in a hotel…

One to watch: Wednesday 18th July at 7:30pm on ITV. 

Mick hears the truth about Stuart in EastEnders

With Stuart trying to manipulate Tina into believing that he wasn’t responsible for the attack on her, she is conflicted but soon realises with distress that he is lying and opens up to a shocked Linda. Mick overhears but will he see the truth?

One to watch: Thursday 19th July at 7:30pm on One.  

Alfie makes amends with Yasmine in Hollyoaks

After a confused Alfie tells Yasmine that he is not sure about his feelings for her, he turns up to make things up and kisses her before revealing that he has created an entry into the Urban Slang Dictionary for her. But is it too little too late?

One to watch: Thursday 19th July at 7pm on E4. 

Eileen takes on Tracy in Coronation Street

Eileen has arrived back to find out that Steve is engaged to Tracy and she has made it her mission in life to split them up. As she and Dev meet Steve for a crisis meeting, Tracy walks in and hears all of the negative things being said about her.

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One to watch: Friday 20th July at 7:30pm on ITV. 

Kandice returns to EastEnders

Last seen rowing with sister Karen before they made up, Kandice pops up in Walford for a visit – but she’s not just after a family reunion. Desperate to get out of charity work commitments, Kandice enlists her family’s help in a chaotic plan that’s bound to go wrong.

One to watch: Monday 16th July at 8pm on One. 

David faces an awkward situation at his doctor’s appointment in Emmerdale

Having started a relationship with Maya, David is uncomfortable to find that his medical appointment is with her estranged husband Dr Cavanagh. And as things grow tense, Dr Cavanagh starts to display less than professional behaviour.

One to watch: Thursday 19th July at 8pm on ITV. 

Tony and Diane get bad news about Dee Dee in Hollyoaks

As Dee Dee continues to struggle to have a normal life and is left angry with Diane for cancelling her princess party, there is more bad news to follow when Tony and Diane are told that she needs potentially fatal treatment in order to stand a chance of survival.

One to watch: Wednesday 18th July at 7pm on E4. 

Donna tries to frame Rainie in EastEnders

As the war of words between Rainie and Donna gets worse, Donna follows Cora’s plan and posts drugs addressed to Rainie for Max to find. This causes a massive row between the Brannings but when Rainie finds out who is responsible, she is livid…


One to watch: Tuesday 17th July at 7:30pm on One. 

Henry woos Gemma back in Coronation Street

Henry is back and he means business as he tells Gemma that he has called off the engagement – and has bought her the Rovers as he wants them to make a go of things. Despite Chesney and Cathy’s misgivings, Gemma reunites with Henry.

One to watch: Wednesday 18th July at 9:30pm on ITV. 



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